Kunst 24 Zürich

From October 31th to November 3rd 2024,  Kunst 24 Zürich will open its doors for the 30th time. Offering an exciting overview over the contemporary art scene, Zürich’s leading art fair is not only aimed at experienced art collectors, but also at newcomers inviting both of them to discover something new at the approximately 60 positions in the former ABB halls, Halle 550 in Oerlikon. From painting over sculpture and photography to multimedia art, from figurative to abstract, from small to large scale, the choice is extremely wide-ranging and of the highest quality.

Kunst Zürich, however, is not only a marketplace, the advancement of the local art scene via the “Statement Swiss Art” is also of greatest importance. 


We would like to thank our cooperation partners:

artfacts, Kunstbulletin, and Zürich Tourismus. 



Sandra Aebersold - Jaqueline Burckhardt - Martina Baeriswyl-Holzach - Tobia Bezzola - Stefan Dambacher - Harald Echsle - Trudie Götz - Peter Haas - Frank Häcker - Jean-Pierre Hoby - Claudia Jolles - Jonathan Levy - Elmar Ledergerber - Milan Prenosil - Jamileh Weber - Leopold Weinberg - Martin Zollinger


Look forward to the Kunst 24 Zürich in the former ABB factory building which provides an unsurpassable location for this extraordinary art fair.